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Once upon a midnight dreary,
As wind and rain lashed my eyrie.
Returns and papers filled my head,
Balances, accounts all writ in red.

Papers on my desk were strewn,
Pointing fingers of loss, come soon.
The overdraft, its limits past,
And Empires dreams, fading fast.

Then came a tapping, tapping,
tapping on my chamber door.
But I heard not that rapping,
despair my strength was sapping;
I only downward figures saw.

Oh what wayward flight of fancy.
What weird love of ventures chancy.
Led me to the insane belief.
To be a great commercial chief.

In my cups I did not hear,
He who came to save my heart from snapping,
Which was oh, so very, very near.
I missed his tap, tap, tapping,
so lost that prospect dear.


Other ventures come and go,
And my hair, has turned to snow.
Commercial things I sometimes learnt.
Often at cost of fingers burnt,
and slowly realised, what makes firms grow.

But with all this academic learning,
Little money was I earning.
Costs ran great and funds dipped low.
Macawber’s maths were causing woe.

Then came again that tapping, tapping,
tapping on my chamber door.
This time I heard that rapping,
And quickly to that portal tore.
There he stood his gown a flapping,
Just a man and nothing more.

A chance again you’ve won.
To help yourself and those with none.
To conjure dreams and finances quell.
That gold, you’ve never found it.
Its in your mind and in your wit.
Its experience that you must sell.

What ! I cried; would you a Guru make,
Who gives but little, but all will take.
No my son,  that is too craven.
I am here, to make you Maven.




© John Hulbert December 2002   -All rights reserved.