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Go Not Gentle

Go not gentle into broad decline,
Rage,  Rage, and draw the line.
Seek not slumber in anaesthetised decay,
Fight, fight to find another way.

Sink not into the swamp of social round,
But set your feet on firmer ground.
Strike a cause that you espouse,
and set your heart and passions rouse.

Be not seduced,
Be not reduced,
By casual friendships melody,
And the good intentions parody.

Lose not yourself in these last days,
The spirits wealth is to the man that stays.
Resist the slothful sirens call,
For those who heed it are bound to fall.

Go not gentle into the advancing night.
But flame again to bring on the light.
Stop deaths progress in its tracks,
And fend rearguard its new attacks.

Do not believe you cannot win,
Bereft of hope, life’s but a sin.
Stand your ground, sword in hand,
With your comrades, join Valhalla’s band.



With appreciation to Dylan Thomas






© John Hulbert December 2002   - All rights reserved